Enterprise Directors:

  • Nelsy Garcia
  • Joyce Morales
  • Carina Martinez
  • Georgina Fernandez
  • David Diaz
  • Jose Miguel Gonzalez






























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"...Cause We Care"


 In a team, it's elements need to acquire a certain degree of consciousness in order to work at the maximum performance level. In order to work better as a team, people in need have to be real united and be able to know each other. We are sure that it will be really convinient to have an enterprise able to help, guide and give assitance to a team or group thar recquires it or asks for it.


                                to succesfully help teams or groups of people that need a

special assitance in terms of teamwork. it will also help

gathering money by the way of assitance

 and marketing in order to make it succesful.



               To help working groups to accomplish their goals (Activities, Funding and Assistanc).



Origins of the company:

  Fisrt we were focused in products and finally we decided to give a service because we can help people directly.


Ø      It is an original product that is mainly produced for ornament.


Ø      It is a system of alarms. The vibrator helps awaken the person, while the recording persuades the person to wake up.


Ø      It is a pool game that was invented and placed years ago. It is original since not many people know it and it suggests a new game.

Ø      People may be interested in this game since they also need recreation time, and this is a funny way to spend that time. It can be commercialized with permissions.  


Ø      It is a school where women (who want job) are taught to work at homes (washing dishes, floors, making the beds, cooking…).


Ø     Their goal is to help needy people and sice in Mexico most of the population is poor, we thought it will be very helpful. 



Competitive Advantages:

             There is no other group capable of providing a service wich helps, orientates and advices small groups and workteams. In     contrast with Teleton and Caritas, KerCo offers specific help with diferent kind of programs. KerCo helps with physical, economical, emotional and professional programs.



  • Activities: service which helps a group in order t improve its efficiency. It can be either a series of activities done in a weekend, a whole week or just one day.

  • Funding: It will help collecting money by a series of actvities and marketing. 

  • Assistance: Specialized conferences about teamwork in order to improve the efficiency of the same.


Location of our Enterprise:

Jorge Bravo #5141-A, Paseos del Sol. C.P. 45070          

Zapopan, Jalisco.

Tel: 36323130

Cel: 0443334864685